Identical sets of devices intended for sensing of the atmosphere and the Earth surface are placed onboard the TERRA and AQUA satellites. A wide range of data on the composition and state of the Earth surface and the atmosphere is generated by the MODIS device. The data of daily sensing of the atmosphere – Earth surface system for the last two weeks are accessible via the corresponding sections of the menu.

Parameters being sensed:
  • Optical aerosol thickness.
  • Pressure on the upper edge of cloudiness.
  • Characteristics of cloudiness (type and phase).
  • Precipitated water.
  • Vegetation indices (vegetation state).
  • Forest fires.
  • Earth surface temperature.
  • Chlorophyll concentration.
  • Earth surface reflection coefficients.
  • Profiles of the temperature, humidity and ozone calculated from the MODIS data at 20 points with an altitude step of about 5 km.