Significant instrumental capabilities for remote Earth sensing (RES) has the NPP satellite launched into orbit in 2011. Data of daily sensing of the atmosphere - Earth surface system using VIIRS, OMPS, CrIS, and ATMS devices for the last two weeks are available via the corresponding sections of the menu.

Parameters being sensed:
VIIRS device
  • Reflection coefficient of the Earth surface.
  • Brightness (radiative) temperatures of the Earth surface.
  • Albedo of the atmosphere – Earth surface system.
  • Cloudiness type and phase.
  • Optical aerosol thickness.
  • Aerosol particle sizes.
  • Temperature of the upper cloud part.
  • Optical cloud thickness.
  • Effective sizes of cloud particles.
  • Map of the Earth surface covered by snow.
  • Snow fractions.
  • NDVI: vegetation index.
  • EVI: vegetation index.
  • Temperature of the underlying surface.
  • Water surface temperature.
  • Chlorophyll concentration.
OMPS (ultraviolet) device:
  • Aerosol characteristics in the ultraviolet range.
  • Total ozone content.
  • Total SO2 content.
CrIS device:
  • Profiles of the temperature, humidity, ozone, and minor gas components (carbon oxide, carbon dioxide, methane, nitrogen oxide, sulfur dioxide, and nitric acid). Profiles were calculated at 100 points with an altitude step of about 1 km.